March 8, 2013


Yesterday I left my phone at home. I got too busy to take photos of my outfit while at work, and once I got home I realized I left the camera on my desk from taking photos of my students art projects. I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached. Sheesh. Long story short, no outfit pics from yesterday. Here's a chameleon painting instead, compliments of one of my first graders.

Here's today:

Boots: Old Navy
Jeans: SO via Kohls
Tank: A'Gaci?
Flannel: Target
Earrings: LaLa via etsy

If you are interested in the earrings, the seller uses a gauge of wire that is larger than regular earring posts, and it actually hurt my ears. She's the bomb and was able to use a thinner gauge to remake them for me. Just FYI.

 Anywho, I swung by Kohls after work (there goes not shopping this month and spending money wisely? oops) , just planning to scope out some shorts and all the clearance stuff they've been advertising. I have to say, I was REALLY impressed with the Jr department this time. Sometimes I feel like their stuff is too young and the trend is not me, but everything seemed a bit more like alot of things I've been seeing on everyones blogs lately. Lots of lace, florals, and pastels, and flowy sheer tops. Worth checking out if you shop target, you might score some good finds at Kohls right around now.

 I did buy a pair of shorts, reluctantly ( I think I just hate my legs, and feel like shorts are just sooo short, sigh) a navy floral lace shirt, and the best dress of all time. I have been wanting a heart cutout back dress for AGES. Online they are always super pricey, sold out, or a dumb color like green. I saw it on the rack and I snatched it up faster than you can say SOLD. And it was half price. Now I need it to warm up so I can wear it without a sweater. Haha! Sadly, twisting to try to take a photo of it in the mirror kinda stretches out and deforms the heart, but here you go. The navy shirt I bought is hanging in the background, not that you can make out the details of the flower lace much.

I tried on a peplum shirt just for kicks. I've kind of always been anti-peplum. I just don't get it,as a trend. But now that I tried it on, I....I kinda... like it. thereisaidit. Can't decide if I like this print or if plain black would be better with jeans. ( I always feel weird about blue and blue, and I have no colored pants to speak of right now. I got a 10 coupon to spend starting Monday, and I'm considering getting this shirt with it. The print, plain black? With dark skinny jeans? A skirt?

What do we think? Help!

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  1. Did you get the blue/flower print peplum shirt?? Where did you find it?? It's cute and I need it in my closet!!

    Stephanie @

  2. I ended up getting a different plaid/pink shirt because my size was sold out. It's from Kohls!