January 1, 2013


Happy New Year seems to be the phrase of the day. I never really was a resolution kind of person, but I guess I'll list a few things that I'd like to work on,do or accomplish this year.

  • Stay on top of my office organization. It's currently a hot mess. I'm going to try to get it back up to par and keep it organized.
  • Keep donating/getting rid of things I don't need or use, including clothes that don't fit. 
  • Continue to work on my style, be adventurous and not so simplistic and boring, and keep evolving into clothes that are styled, fashionable, AND "me"
  • Be consistent with blogging. 
  • Take a break this summer. No working a summer job.
  • Go on a vacation.

There are a few other things that I would like to happen, but sometimes there is only so much you can do, and it's out of your hands. (New job, moving, continue to grow my personal art side business/etsy shop)

Anyways, I've been absent from the blog for a while due to traveling for the holidays all over, seeing family and such. Here are a few random outfits and manicures from over the break. Also, I'm ashamed to say that although it's harder to photograph and outfit while traveling, I wasn't much to look at most days. I've been feeling pretty schlubby the past few days in particular. But time to get back into the swing of things and put away the sweatpants!

Sinful Colors- several days old and chipping.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Print Stickers

I got these as a gift, and as much as I wanted to like them, they didn't fit the width of my nails correctly, the filing the extra off was really weird and unpleasant feeling/sounding, and the little gems on them made my nails all bumpy feeling which I also couldn't get over. They kind of peeled up on the tips after just one night, so I'm not sure how long they'd last, as I couldnt' stand them and longer and had to peel them off. On the plus side, the little kit comes with a manicure stick and file, no drying time, easy removal. Sorry, but two thumbs down otherwise.

Top: Forever 21? Old
Necklace: Kohls

I always have a hard time deciding if I should wear this shirt, because of the color of blue it is, and how it's a little more flowy like. It doesn't seem to "go" with blue jeans, yet the style doesn't seem to work right with a skirt either. My new necklace (on super duper clearance for 3 dollars!) from Kohls seemed like it would be perfect in color and for the neckline though, so I threw this together for my small New Years get together I hosted. I used to be really anti gold in my jewelry, but it's starting to grow on me a bit now.

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