January 31, 2013

Perfect Pink Polish

 Flats: Walmart
Pants: Bergners
Long sleeve stripe top: H&M
Cardigan: Old Navy Clearance
Necklace: NY and Co
Watch: Target...need a similar replacement on the cheap (help?)

Essie: Fiji. 

I think I finally found a light light dusty rose type pink that I love. Fiji by Essie. I think I still need to work on how to not make it streaky...and I did quite the rush job so excuse my sloppy cuticles. Today I'm wearing my new pants. So far so good. Not dragging on the ground...(I bought them in "short" which is still pretty dang long, and I'm not THAT short...5'5...) and they definitely fit snugger through the butt and hips/waist. The thighs are still a tad baggy, but dress pants aren't supposed to be skin tight, right?

Also, I'm getting a haircut in an hour and a half. Totally only trimming off the tiniest amount possible, but I'll be getting some layers reshaped in the front so it's not so lanky.  Can you believe my hair is so long again since this big chop in 2010? I only remember getting a trim once since then. So I think I haven't gotten a haircut in two years? Can that be right? Hmm

June 2010 BEFORE
June 2010 AFTER

Current Length

Although tonight's trim will not be as drastic, stay tuned for haircut photos! Also, I'll be letting the stylist use regular (silicone) filled products, just to see how it is, after having not used them in about 8 months. I hope everything goes ok!

Speaking of ok, it's "It's OK Thursday!"
It's ok to only cut your hair once a year
It's ok to buy yourself things when you can afford them
It's ok to speak up when something isn't right
It's ok to be excited to watch 101 Dalmations with the kids at indoor recess.
It's ok to turn up the heat to 73 and not care how much extra it costs because it's just too dang cold.

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