January 19, 2013

Everybody's workin for the weekend

Boots: Bergners
Skinnies: Target jeggings
Turtleneck: Target clearance, recent ($3!)
Sweater Dress: Italy

 Jeans: SO via Kohls
Green Shirt: Kohls
Blazer/Jacket: Gap
Scarf: London
Earrings: Claires

Thurday night I popped into Target and I bought a black turtleneck, which I'm wearing under this very itchy wool sweater. I LOVE the sweater but the neck was so dang itchy, now problem solved. WOO!

Bri Marie inspired me to break out my blazer again and take it for a spin.I love the look of blazers on OTHER people, but I'm starting to think maybe they're just not my thing.This one is kind of heavy, almost like a denim. Maybe I just need a different kind. Hmmm. Also, I realize now how much I love this scarf, because I wear it alot. I'm always drawn to it in my closet. I just love all the colors on it!

Anywho. Today I had brunch and did more shopping. Shopping in all these layers was not exactly smart. Oh well. I picked up a couple of clearance cardigans (yeah, MORE cardians.) and some dress pants. Cross your fingers about the pants washing well. I must have tried on 30 pairs, and kept debating between two sizes. I ended up getting the slightly larger one since they still seemed to fit well and were a slightly more relaxed fit (no super tight butt) while still being a much better fit through the leg than my old pants. Also, I bought them in "short" and they were still dragging slightly on the ground with my flats (which I wear mostly, at work...no heels for me!) And I'm 5'5, and usually short pants are like floods. Who knows. Pants are stupid. I hope these aren't though. I'm getting sick of shopping for pants!

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  1. Love this look!! But I totally know what you mean about the blazer's material having so much to do with the look - I'd suggest trying something in the lightweight cotton family and see if you feel better about it. Those earrings, btw, are amazing!! LOVE them!

  2. Thanks! I keep on looking, but part of me in thinking blazers will soon be on their way out at the stores and they start bringing in the new stuff for spring.