January 7, 2013

Faves and Flops

So I've been doing quite a bit of fashion blog reading of my teaching vacation. ALOT. A theme among some seems to be posting a recap of best and worst outfits of the year. I've only been blogging a few months and trying to revamp my style to be a more put together adult trendy work version of my best self, but I thought that doing this would also maybe help me see if my favorites and least favorites have any trends, and that can help to guide me even more in the right direction.

I have found that through doing this, more than anything, I've discovered how to accessorize better and mix and match and not be afraid to take a little risk (yellow shoes, anyone?) but also what style of things I really LIKE and what looks good on me, and what looks pretty awful (especially my hair pulled slick back into a pony or bun)

So here we go:




 What I noticed: Most of my favorite outfits involve me in a skirt or a dress. They all flatter my figure (duh) I'm having a good hair day. PATTERN AND TEXTURE. Hmmmm. I have lots of pattern or texture going on here, texture either in a thick knit, ruffles, or a layer of a scarf.


Frumpy, frumpy ill fitting and awful hair(whole outfit number two is already donated), not very professional looking and bad hair, pants and shirt dont go?, this skirt way not my style anymore

 Short sleeve button down, kinda bleh, too much black, too much black, too frumpy, orange and khaki? hmm. Also, the shoes look awful on the last one.

 What I noticed in general: Im having bad hair/face days in alot of these. Several of the outfits are frumpy, or casual in a schlub kind of way and not in a cute kind of way.(I mean, that grey sweater isn't even a great fitting grey sweater) Alot of the lots of black/plain color outfits I don't like. Too BLAH. Some outfits look too flowy/baggy. Some color combos are questionable. Also, I pretty much hate every time I've worn those last pair or grey/beige flats with socks.

Any insights on how to fix up the flop outfits? What could I pair these different items with? Should I just get rid of anything all together?

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