January 4, 2013

Playing with Layering

Thought process on how I picked todays outfit:

I decided on the last outfit because I think they grey is a nice contrast and helps the scarf pop more, no?

Jeans: SO via Kohls
Navy shirt: Target
Scarf: Platos Closet
Cardian (both colors actually): Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy

Also, as you can see, I'm wearing my scarf two different ways in the photos, I finally figured out how to properly do the whole "drape" thing. Woo! I think they key to some of the ways you can wear it really depend on the type of scarf it is.

Also, last night I did my nails. I decided I have another New Years Goal: use all my nail polish at least once this year. That's saying alot, because I have over 50 bottles. heh.heh. yeahh....  But, in order to help do this goal, I will separate the colors I've already worn from my regular stash. And I'm going to try to document all my manicures. (lucky you!)

 Revlon: 640 Fearless (coral)
Wet N Wild Glitter: 460D

I really like this Revlon polish I got as a gift. it's a nice one coat polish.
A little disappointed with the amount of glitter with one coat. I've read for chunky
glitter you should dab it on not swipe, which I tried at first, but the glitter isn't chunky enough
to work for that..sad. 

Sorry I'm the most rambly person ever. Are you still reading this?

Random sidenote about people (not) reading this. While at first I didn't care because I just wanted to do this for me, it makes me sad that I don't have any feedback. I suppose I could share my blog with my friends via facebook, but I feel a little weird about it. I already shared my other blog, my etsy site, have a business page on facebook...I don't want to be a website pusher. Haha. Maybe one day I'll be brave and do it.

However, it's hard because I wish I could get feedback and bounce ideas off people!

Also, I have subscribed to a few other fashion bloggers using google reader, but I hate the text only format and I have them bookmarked and just click my bookmarks, but then they don't know that I'm "following" them if I only do this. What is your method for following/reading other blogs? Am I just subscription stupid?

In order to put myself out there a little more....

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  1. Stopping by for H54F. I love the scarf (especially how you wrapped it in photo 2!) Your nails look fabulous... I'm totally jealous. Mine never look that good!

    1. Thanks! I swear, my nails are a fluke, they don't usually look that nice. Hah!