January 3, 2013

The four strand braid

Jeans: Levis via TJMaxx, aka, the floods
Shirt: H&M
Cardi: Old Navy
Watch: Target
Ring: Made by moi
Necklace: Love Culture
4 strand braid: Saw on Pinterest, tutorials on Youtube

So today was the perfect opportunity to braid my hair all cool because I have nowhere to go and will be doing house chores like sealing my windows (with that plastic stuff) and laundry. Haha! I've done my hair, pulled together an outfit, and done my makeup, even though I probably won't leave the house all day, but I feel SO.MUCH. BETTER. Maybe another resolution will be to "get dressed" even when I have nowhere to go. I called the jeans the floods because they are the ones that shrunk up sooo much after their first wash. really disappointing. Good for wearing around the house with no shoes though.

 Anywho, since my hair is still nice and straight I decided to try this braid. I first saw it on Pinterest and also found a great FIVE strand braid tutorial video, so I watched her four stand since I knew she was good at explaining doing it on your own hair.

 I did a combo of the two examples I watched. Here's a cheaters version, because there are four hands. Here's a girl doing it on herself with an explanation. The first helps you see  more easily how the pattern works, but there is no talking to explain it. The second is more practical for understanding how to do it on yourself, and she talks you through it. Watch both like I did and it should make more sense.

First I tried it exactly how she (luxyhair) explained, and my finger got quite fumbled up. If you think about it more of doing the "outsides" over/under, and then the two insides crossing over/under, like they show in the video with four hands, your fingers don't get so jumbled up. (At least I don't think so) My first one looked quite wonky. The second time worked out much better. ALSO, it's important to get your sections as even as possible, or the braid won't look as nice.

If you try a four (or five!) strand braid, leave a comment with a link, I'd love to see!!

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