January 8, 2013

These kids wear me out

 Bowtie Flats: Payless
Pants: Kohls
Top: Old Navy?
Pearls: Gift from bf

First day back in full swing teaching the little ones, and I.am.beat. I came home after working late to enter all the grades (due tonight) and could not will myself off the couch until about 7pm to actually make dinner. My stomach was soooo angry, but my legs refused. I can tell, this week is going to be rough as I adjust back into the routine of running around all day.

I am NOT a morning person. At all. I really need to try to be in bed with the lights off and my eyes shut by like, 10pm. I don't even have enough time to eat breakfast at home, and usually munch on poptarts or a granola bar at my desk with my morning coffee while reading emails in the 15 minutes I have before the first class shows up at my door.

I also started off the morning and my first day back nice and cold since I have outdoor car duty this week. Which also means I wore a hat, which smashed my hair a little. Also, I'm realizing that washing my hair at night and sleeping on it, even though its still fresh and clean, REALLY kills my curly 'do. I even gave it a good spritz with water and refreshed with a quick diffuser zap, which helped, but by the end of the day my hair was flat and limp and more wavy than curly. HMMM.

P.S. I've come to the sudden realization that my hair is long. Like, looking really long. What the heck? I guess I was in denial for a while.

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