January 10, 2013

Blue Suede Shoes

 Flats: Wet Seal
Khakis: Kohls
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Cardi: Gap Outlet
Necklace; Etsy

I just bought this necklace as a gift to myself with some of the cash my mom gave me for Christmas. I LOVE it. Dainty and simple, great for almost any outfit! The only problem is that because the cross is off center, it does tend to work it's way down to the middle over time, so I have to adjust it every now and again, but I do really like this necklace alot. I guess the sideways cross thing is some kind of celebrity trend, but I just happened across it on etsy.

I'm punishing my hair for not giving me pretty curls by torturing it with a flat iron. Man, do my ends need a trim. I need to call my stylist and have a little chat with her about my strange haircare/ aversion to certain hair product ingredients and see if she can work with me and what I use. Shouldn't really be a big deal, right? Several coworkers commented on how straight it was, one saying "it's usually so curly", which, in my frustrated 'my hair is so ugly' mood, am convinced meant "it's usually so crazy looking" (even though that is probably NOT what she was saying) I really can't get over how it got so long, seemingly so quickly. I like it long, which is why now I'm scared to get a trim and am using the whole hair product thing as an excuse.

I actually have a post about my hair routine all written up, I just have to publish it. It will explain all my crazy ways.

Outfit related, I think this combo of sweater and shoes with this shirt looks nice, pulling from the little pops of blue in the pattern, don't you?

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  1. your hair is long and beautiful! I'm sure thats not how she meant it lol, i love love love that necklace! "Pop a color" is def in style right now, and you made it look awesome! I'm your new follower via blog hop, can't wait to read more! <3 Christin

  2. Love this outfit. The blue is a great color.