January 16, 2013

Color and Cardigans

 Flats: Target online
Khakis: Kohls
Tank: Old Navy via Platos Closet
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: Etsy
Unruly curly hair: Thanks dad

I realized I've been wearing alot of black the past few days and I decided I needed some bright color in my life. I am just in love with this ruffled tank. I wish it wasn't racerback, then I could wear it on it's own in summer (I have no bras that work with racerback, boo) Is anyone else not a fan of the whole racerback tank trend?

I also still can't decide how I feel about Khaki pants. They always just seem...off to me. Black pants are fine, but I feel like I live in black pants in the winter. I did a lot better of a job last fall mixing up my bottoms and wearing skirts and dresses and I have some different color cropped pants, but I just feel stuck in winter. I also care more about being warm than looking cute in a skirt and leggings. Not gonna happen.  I want work appropriate bottoms, but can't get out of the land of black pants (or black with a pinstripe). They don't fit all that great either, but are ok. I would mix it up more with grey, but my grey pants, well they are so ill fitting I just look like one of those people on a weight loss comercial in their old fat pants when I wear them.My problem is "big" hips and small thighs. If I get them to fit my hips, I seem to be swimming in them everywhere else

 Granted on the right those are tight skinny jeans, but now you can see better what I mean with a side by side:

 So friends, how do YOU mix it up for dressy pants/bottoms in winter? .Where do you shop?  Do you ever get dress pants tailored? (I'm starting to think this might be my only option) Am I the only one having this problem??

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  1. I wear colorful skinny jeans in the classroom all week long........and mix it up with black or khaki too. And on "warmer" winter days, I'll do tights/leggings with a skirt or dress.

  2. Love the unruly curly hair AND those flats!

    Olive & Ivy

  3. Maybe I'll have to explore colored jeans. And thanks Chelsea!

  4. Those flats are awesome!


  5. Love the colours of the top and cardi so much - you look great, Thanks for being part of wardrobe Weds