January 17, 2013

Nail Stamping

Flats: Wet Seal
Pants: Kohls
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

 Dark Pink Base: MM Brand, no color name
Light pink: Jean-Michelle Pinkberry

Needless to say, I'm a little peeved at this nail polish, it's chipping already after one day! Argh! It lasted a long time on my toes, I dunno whats up.Also, I haven't done much stamping lately, so I did it last night. I think it's fun, I just am not patient enough anymore to take the time to do it. I always feel like my evenings after work are going by SO fast this school year. I just don't feel like I can get everything ready so I can sit there and do my nails and let them dry. But I'm trying. I want to use all the nail polish I own this year. (Maybe 60 bottles?)

P.S. Cheery yellow on a cold winter day is where it's at, dontcha think?

And, I can't figure out if all these bloggers I see wearing skirts and dresses live in really mild climates, or if they are all just crazy. I'm freezing over here!

Linking up with Neely
It's OK Thursday

It's OK
 to go to the store for one thing, but not buy it and get something else instead (specifically blue leather for my bookbinding business)
to not do the dishes just yet
to still have the Christmas tree up and have no plans to take it down any time soon
to eat breakfast at my desk at work because I'd rather sleep longer than eat leisurely at home

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