January 2, 2013

(Pretty) Casual

Skinnies: Love Culture
Top: American Eagle via Platos Closet
Red Lips: E.L.F. matte red lip color
Earrings: Claires hoops

Still on break over in these parts. I went to the eye doctor at 745am and I was in sweats with a messy bun. I decided to make an effort to get out of my state of feeling like a blob when I got home though by doing my hair-and by doing I meant straightening/curling it with an iron. I have no plans whatsoever to go anywhere else today, but I put on makeup anyways. In the first photo, you can see I also tested out a new red lipstick. It's a bit brighter IRL, the photo made it come out a little darker. I like it darker though. Maybe if I layered it over another red lipstick I have, it might be magic? Hmm

Despite the outfit not being very styled or put together, I wanted to give this shirt a chance to be casual but cute (with my nice hair) I like it! I think this is definitely a cute casual with jeans shirt, but not so much a casual with khakis work shirt. Don't you think?

P.S. Anyone know where I can get a DARK red lipstick? Hmmm Red. Such a tricky color.

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