January 22, 2013

Hello again

Shoes: Payless
Pants: Kohls
Sweater: Kohls (old)
Necklace: Love Culture

Teal and Teal Glitter: Sinful Colors

Well, I kind of disappeared this weekend. Normally I'm really excited to do outfit posts on the weekend because I can put together cute casual (not work) outfits, and take photos in better daylight (aka not florescent lighting or after work when it's all dark out).

Yesterday I sat down to figure out my taxes for my small business, and the more I researched and tried to figure out what goes where on the form (expenses, inventory, etc) the MORE confusing it got. Conveniently, the gov't decided that the most unclear and confusing part of the form was the part that needed to be skipped over on their set of directions. Seriously? Ugh. After about 7 hours, I think I finally got it all straightened out. Some people suggested I just give it to an accountant or have someone do it for me, but honestly I do not want to pay someone for something like that. My personal taxes are no problemo for me. And if I have one, or a few frustrating days of figuring out my business taxes, to me it's worth it to be able to do it myself in the future years (for Free!) and not have to pay anyone. Besides which, I've heard some horror stories about people taking their taxes to a professional and then they STILL get messed up. I'd rather figure it out and be responsible for it myself. You know what I mean?

ANYWHO. I scheduled a haircut for the 31st. Super excited. Super paranoid. Questioning if I should bring in my own products and risk looking like a weirdo or just letting them use whatever and then washing it out with some regular old shampoo I still have stashed in the back of my cabinet. If you're totally confused about the hairproducts thing, keep reading...yesterdays post was all about me and my crazy haircare ways.

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